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Pacific Ocean, Seattle, California, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Florida
In late September, 2008 I was asked to deliver a 52' Vagabond Schooner named "Positive Thinking" from Seattle to Mobile, AL. Obviously, this is a long trip (5400 miles). I was also fortunate enough to deliver a Beneteau 47 from San Diego to Huatulco, Mexico while waiting for some repairs in San Diego. Seattle started off with cold, nasty, wet, windy weather that slowly improved as we got further south. After a brief shakedown trip to Westport, WA I decided to pull in for some repairs. San Diego was next where we completed the repairs and took a break and sailed a Beneteau to Mexico for a 3 week cruise. The Beneteau was quite a change from the Schooner and we really enjoyed sailing with the owner, Shaun. He proved to be a quick learner and very soon became a valuable part of the crew. He also caught a lot of fish! I found the trip south of San Diego to be very easy compared to most of the sailing I have done lately, such as crossing the North Atlantic in July/August. I enjoy sailing with the owners they like to stop for a rest and see neat places. After Thanksgiving we returned and took "Positive Thinking" to Hautulco, Mexico. This 33 ton Bluewater boat is a pleasure to sail when the wind gets going pretty well. She loves to plunge through the waves and her full keel keeps her going in the right direction. We caught a lot of tuna and mahi mahi on this trip and ate really well. In January 2009 "Positive Thinking" left Mexico. We stopped briefly in Costa Rica, ran into some weather on our way to both Costa Rica and Panama. We transited the Panama Canal and had a very difficult sail directly into the prevailing trade winds to the Cayman Islands where we pulled in for a rest. We then sailed southwest of Cuba and had a wonderful sail to Mobile, Al. I was happy to finally complete this long and successful trip. I want to thank the many people who crewed for me on this trip. We had a good time and were tested on several occasions. Link to Free Price Delivery Estimate             Link to Home Page

Yacht Captain Yacht Captain

Seattle Space Needle on a Clear Day

LaPush, WA Small Indian Fishing Village Day 2     Hippity Hops or Fishing Buoys

Surrounded by a Dozen Dahl's Porpoises                                   Seals and Sea Lions all over the place in NW           Serious Fishing Boats in Westport, WA

Positive Thinking 1982 Vagabond Schooner 

 Steaming 8 knots flat dead calm                                    

Ground Squirrel of some Species

 Ground Squirrel of some Species

 Phil, One of my more Colorful Crew, Great Guy

Turtle Bay, Mexico

Turtle Bay, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Pacific Side on a Calm Day

 Cabo San Lucas, Pacific Side on a Calm Day

Marshall, Katie, Dan crew Schooner San Diego Mex

 Marshall, Katie, Dan crew Schooner San Diego Mex

Cabo is really Built Up but Still Photogenic Beautiful

Ok Guys, Did YOU Notice the FEET? Great Beach

 Ok Guys, Did YOU Notice the FEET? Great Beach

 Barre de Navidad, Great Resort near Monzanilla

 Resort Marina Barre de Navidad

Ixtapa, Mexico ok but not my favorite place

 Ixtapa, Mexico ok but not my favorite place

 The View from our Friend's Home in Huatulco

 Coast along Huatulco, incredible Rock Formations

Panga, Small Coastal Boat, Takes You Close Rocks

Large Ships Fill the Panama Canal Completely

Large Ships Fill the Panama Canal Completely

Local Fishing Fleet

 We are now at the top of the lock

Seven Mile Beach Simply Beautiful

Seven Mile Beach Simply Beautiful

 Seven Mile Beach Trees and Rocks on Beach

 Local Scenery, What Can I Say it IS the Beach











Westport, WA Fishing Village met helpful people       Beautiful Sunset in the NW Pacific

 San Diego has the Greatest Wildlife Zoo                      Incredible Color No Idea of the Species

 Incredibly Beautiful Duck                                              Cheetah San Diego Park Wonderful Day

 One of many Great Schooners Sailing San Diego       12 Metre Stars and Stripes San Diego

 Marshall, Elina, owner Shaun crew of Cosmos Beneteau 47   Check the Face!!

 Erosion in Sandstone, Check the Face Dinosaur??       Cabo San Lucas Beautiful Beach

Dan Katie Marshall Cabo Rose between Two Thorns   Beneteau 47 I Like Sailing With Owner Stop Often

 America's Cup Boats                                                        The Finger

 Cabo's Version of the "Golden Arches"                        The Ugly Overbuilt Side Of Cabo

 Pete, Elina, Marshall Crew Beneteau Navidad            We saw Hundreds of Dolphins, Turtles, few Whales

 Incredible Beach Wind Blew the Day We Took Off     Barre de Navidad Favorite Swimming Hole

 Captain Pete Hard at Work, no Time For Haircuts     Barre de Navidad Great Resort Marina

 If you visit Huatulco take a Panga along the Coast   We took a Week Off in Huatulco, Great Place

The Lion Lying Down                                                     Great Beach for Walking and Snorkeling

  Our Sunset View Every Evening in Huatulco                Costa Rica Bay de Papagayo

The local Panama People are Very Nice, Friendly        Paul and a Colorful local Indian

 This ship is in the same lock with us.  I hope his         4 - 6 of these keep ships in position in the locks

  brakes work The small trains keep him from

hitting the sides

 Grand Cayman Banking & Tourism 1-5 Cruise Ships day Piracy is still active in Cayman exchange rates

 Iguana I saw several of these                               The Beach in Cayman was nearly Empty Most of the Time

 More Tree Stumps Rocks                                                       You guessed it

These Roosters Roamed Freely Everywhere Colorful           Cemetery Beach Great Snorkeling off the Beach














































































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